Commercial Claims

When your commercial property suffers catastrophic loss, you face the daunting prospect of dealing with insurance and contractors, while trying to keep your business afloat. Advocate Public Adjusters has helped many businesses through this, and is ready for your call.

Many of the adjusters sent by the insurance carriers have limited construction knowledge of residential buildings as it is. When you add in the complexities of commercial structures, most are in over their head. They might include “rubber roof” and might even know what a parapet wall is, but that’s a stretch.

What you need is someone to represent you, who understands commercial construction. Someone that consults on commercial construction methods and has experience with structures ranging from apartment complexes to downtown high rises and churches. 


Experience like this is difficult to come by. Advocate Public Adjusters will complete a thorough assessment of your situation and the damage, create a full and thorough estimate of the repairs needed, and represent you to the insurance company.

Don’t face this situation alone. It’s bad enough that you have suffered loss. Contact Advocate Public Adjusters now, so that we can move things along for you. There’s no obligation for a discussion about your situation, and when you choose to represent us, the only fee is a small percentage of the overall amount at the end, when we’re successful in recovering a full and fair settlement for you. Call now at 417-527-1563 today, or use the contact form below to get started.

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Last Updated on January 3, 2021