Burst Sprinklers Claim Help in Camdenton Missouri

Has this record-setting cold weather left you with burst sprinklers? And now you’ve got an insurance claim. If you already know why you need to contact us NOW, go ahead and fill out the form and we’ll get in touch. Time is critical, delays now will only compound later. 

Are You Facing a Burst Sprinklers Claim in Camdenton?

Camdenton had record low temperatures, with Burst Sprinklers everywhere. Hotels, apartment complexes, houses, crawl spaces, attics – buildings in Missouri weren’t built to handle zero degree weather like this. 

Burst pipes dump hundreds to thousands of gallons of water inside buildings where water is not supposed to be, resulting in tremendous damage to walls, floors, ceilings, carpet, furniture, and more. In many cases, the water froze, causing even more damage.

water damage
water damage

Property insurance typically covers this type of damage (though not always). Insurance adjusters are going to be backlogged trying to visit all the new claims this has created. Water damage can be extensive, and it’s likely that the adjuster won’t have the experience to recognize how much damage there is and what is necessary to restore your property. You need someone who works for you, to make sure that the insurance company addresses everything needed. This includes more than just superficial damage. There is often hidden and even structural damage from these kinds of events. 

Why should you call us first for your burst sprinklers claim?

If you want to return to normal as quickly as possible, and minimize the time it takes dealing with the insurance company, you need to engage Advocate Public Adjusters as soon as possible. The longer you wait to contact us, the more likely it is that your claim can drag out, that insurance won’t want to pay for everything needed for full repairs, and your money out of pocket will grow and grow. 

water damage

 Advocate Public Adjusters works with homeowners, business owners, and property managers just like you on new, underpaid claims, and even initially denied claims. We specialize in commercial insurance claims, but also take on residential work. There is likely to be a huge demand from this weather, so contact us right away so we can get this process started.

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Last Updated on August 18, 2021