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Residential Claims

Your insurance company dictates the terms of your homeowners policy and sets the premium rates. Then, in the unlikely event you have a claim on that policy, they send out adjusters, and sometimes engineers, to decide what your claim is worth. If that sounds unfair to you, and maybe a conflict of interest, you’re beginning to see the reason many people turn to Advocate Public Adjusters.

Even though you are allowed to choose a contractor to do the repairs, contractors are not allowed to negotiate with your insurance carrier. Some contractors even avoid trying to figure out whether insurance paid enough for your claim because of that reason. Others just offer to do only the work insurance paid for, because it’s quicker than waiting for the real settlement. So they might just paint over water damage or put shingles over your damaged roof, so they can get some money now. It’s not their house, after all.

Advocate Public Adjusters, however, knows that your residential claim has most likely been underpaid. In some cases, you might have only received 50%, 30%, or even less of the total money that it will really take to indemnify you (that basically means put things back to pre-loss condition).

Carrier staff adjusters or even independent adjusters working for an insurance carrier often write an estimate that’s just big enough that you might not argue about it, but low enough they save money. And most homeowners have no idea they could actually hire a PA before they hire their claim, and avoid all this.

Your insurance company knows that you are unlikely to understand the details of their estimate, or the reconstruction required. On top of that, they scare people with warnings about insurance fraud on every bit of paper they send. This has the desired effect of scaring their customers into acceptance, in most cases.

Getting your claim settled for the full amount they owe is not fraud, though. Imagine if you tried to send them a partial premium payment. They’d want the whole amount on the contract, right? Well, your policy is a contract, and it explains how much they owe you, if you understand how to read it.

Don’t face this situation alone. It’s bad enough that you have suffered loss. Contact Advocate Public Adjusters now, so that we can move things along for you. There’s no obligation for a discussion about your situation, and when you choose to represent us, the only fee is a small percentage of the overall amount at the end, when we’re successful in recovering a full and fair settlement for you. Call now at 417-527-1563 today, or use the contact form below to get started.

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Last Updated on January 3, 2021